March 04, 2017

What is Chawie's Quest + Weekly Report

Hello everyone!

Today I'm going to do something I should have done before. After all, what Chawie's Quest all about?


Chawie's Quest tells the story of a small member of the Chaw race. Chawie's world, Camandu, is peaceful and only few conflicts are registered in it's history. The last one, The Jay-Chaw war, was resolved when the legendary Chaw Chawollus came witth the ultimate solution to estabilish peace in Camandu: a Chawcake so tasty that it calms down the heart of the most troubled soul. Since then, Jays and Chaws are best friends, and every people developed their own Chawcake recipes for communication and peaceful negotiations.

After centuries without conflicts, everyone got used to absolute peace in Camandu. However, an alien is invading the minds of some people. The alien's objectives are unclear. All that is clear is that trouble is affecting Camandu. Chaws are suddenly getting sick. Fungi are getting aggressive. Chawie, the youngest Chaw, is tasked to retrieve seeds from the Millenium Flower. It only grows in the core of the Mystic Garden. It's seeds, people say, can cure any illness. But this little quest will become one that will extend to the entire world of Camandu...

The game

The game will consist of platform sections. During the quest, Chawie learns abilities that helps her traverse increasingly complex obstacles. Along the way, Chawie will meet some mean people. She will use some little violence to stun them, then she feeds them until they get friendly. Once they become friends, they can give tips or items or do some other thing they can do to help Chawie.

Weekly Report

Right after publishing the first entry in the devlog, I started to make the game logo. It is on the top of this post. Then, something unexpected came: the demo is painstakingly slow on some machines. I passed most time this week trying to remedy this. I uploaded a new version on, but it is still not perfect. I will make optimizations later. Now, I will focus on making the game, remaking and expanding the first area, and improving the basic mechanics.

A full week has not passed since the last entry, and I did not make much. I'll try to update the devlog every weekend.

That is all for now. Thank you!

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