March 01, 2017

First post - For real!

At long last! For this first post, I'll tell how Chawie's Quest started!

It was on GBJam 5, a jam for games witg Game Boy aesthetics. Chawie's Quest was made in the jam's last five days, and the game had only four colors.

Some time later, after some other jams, some health problems, holiday trips and more health problems (some of my own, other of the original chaw), I decided to continue development. I read some material for pixel art and began coloring all assets.

These last few days I tried to color everything. I'm still using a limited color palette, the DB32.

I still don't know what I'm going to do next, but the game script is done. There is a lot to do - sprites, tiles, sounds, maps.

Oh, almost forgetting this. You can play the demo. Just download it: (for Windows only, sorry other OS users)


(Windows Smartscreen may block the game app to run. If that happens, don't worry. The file is clean)

That is all for now. Thank you!

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